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Meet Our Directors

John Cleave

Electronics Technician Director

John is a qualified Electronics Technician with over 20 years of industry experience, including installation, commissioning and servicing audio visual, phone, Drive Thru, CCTV, security & access control equipment.

John has had a lengthy association with companies such as Sontec and Tecsound, which would later become TSV. Over the years his roles included that of Service Technician, Commissioning Technician and later Service and Installations Manager. However, the unfortunate demise of these companies resulted in consumers having limited options available to them and saw a period of increased competition amongst electrical businesses expanding their portfolios to offer the services once provided by these companies.

During this period, John continued to respond to questions from past colleagues and various industry contacts and offer guidance and share his extensive knowledge and experience and later commenced contract work for various companies through the business.

It was at this time that John saw an opportunity to provide customers with direct solutions through his substantial knowledge and experience and consequently formed PA Parts and Service which later expanded its services and was renamed Technology Sound And Vision and continues to grow and fulfil a market need for solid, proven industry experience and knowledge in a rapidly changing industry.

John is able to provide the knowledge and guidance customers need to assess their current and future PA and AV needs. He can help you to select a system that can adapt with you as your needs change. Technology Sound & Vision can supply the system you need and can install, service and maintain it for you along with providing you with necessary training, thus also saving you valuable time and money by eliminating the need to seek out different services.

Penny Cleave

BBus Director

Penny holds a Business degree and has extensive experience in management and administration within a variety of industries. Her passion for excellence in customer service leads her desire to utilise her skills and knowledge to ensure the growth of the business and to ensure that it meets the firm commitment of value, integrity, quality, great service and customer satisfaction to clients.

Ian Mclean


Ian has been involved in the industry for over 30 years and was the Founding Director of Sound Affair Pty. Ltd. which later became Sontec (NSW) Pty. Ltd. and Tecsound (NSW) Pty. Ltd.

Ian has provided invaluable assistance to the business in his Consultancy services. He now joins us as director of Technology, Sound & Vision Pty. Ltd. to share this wealth of knowledge with our clients.

We have a proud and lengthy association with Ian and look to a bright alliance shaping the future of Technology Sound and Vision together. Our relationship with Ian is built on common goals and mutual dedication and desire to provide the best possible service to the customer whilst growing a reputation built on excellence, knowledge and keeping abreast of a fast paced industry.