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Pendant and Ball Speakers

DS-306 (Soundsphere)

DS-306 (soundsphere) speaker DS-306 (soundsphere) speaker dimentions
Speaker Caliber 46.5 inch
Rated Power at 100V 30W
Max power 45W
Power Options 30W/20W/8W
Input Impedance 330Ω/500Ω/1.25KΩ
Frequency Response 80-8,000Hz
Sensitivity (1w/1m) 88dB
S.P.LAT Rated Input (1m) 102dB
Item dimension (WXHXD) Φ378X303mm

DS-307 (Pendant Speaker)

DS-307 (pendant speaker) speaker
Speaker Caliber 4.5 inch
Rated Power at 100V 20W
Max Power 30W
Power Options 20W/10W/5W
Input Impedance 500Ω/1KΩ/2KΩ
Frequency Response 150-12,000Hz
Sensitivity (1w/1m) 90dB
S.P.LAT Rated Input (1m) 103dB
Item Dimension (WXHXD) Φ185X157mm

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